branding & marketing agency
for female entrepreneurs

We provide branding, design and marketing

for the female entrepreneur.

We make sure you stand out.

3-5 seconds

3-5 seconds

That’s how long you have to show who you are,
what you sell and convince that person to check you out.

Let me tell you, it’s not easy!

But we are here to help you with that.

We pick up our steaming hot iron and make sure
that your brand is crisp-wrinkle free…

…and that’s a Pink Steam guarantee!

What we offer

Brand Analysis

Logo Design

Slogans & Taglines

Web Design

Social Media Design

Online Marketing

Graphic Design

Copy Writing


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Our Team

Steven Bauwens
Steven BauwensWeb Developer / graphic designer / Marketing Strategy
Born and raised in Belgium where I graduated in Marketing, lived in Poland for 8 years where I graduated in visual media and started a media production company. Currently living and working in BC, Canada with Pink Steam and running a local media company.
Renée Bauwens
Renée BauwensArtist / Illustrator / Writer
Born and raised in BC, Canada where I graduated in English writing and visual arts, lived in Poland for 3 years where I studied visual art. Currently working as an in-house artist with Pink Steam and running my own business BlushBird.com.
Mike Fairfield
Mike FairfieldInbound Marketing / Business Development
Born and raised in BC, Canada where I pursued business and managed several major companies. Currently providing inbound marketing for Pink Steam and Merritt Marketing Group.
Laurie Turmel
Laurie TurmelResearch / Sales
Born and raised in BC, Canada, where I ran several businesses with my sister and have been an event planner for many years. I’m currently helping Pink Steam to grow, running my blog and my furniture paint business.